Big, loud, dirty and smelly truck that takes the trash and mess away to a landfill or recycle center, usually young men who were bright yellow vests drive them or pick up the garbage from a large plastic can on one specific day of the week each week. Almost always has bright flashing lights to warn oncoming cars. Will sometimes empty out dumpsters.

Not pretty, but get the job done
"The dang Garbage truck keeps throwing my trash across the street!"
by bored turtle of middletown March 25, 2020
The placement of one's mouth and cheeks between another person's butt cheeks, followed by a rapid shaking of the face in a side-to-side motion accompanied by making a vibrating "brrrr" sound by blowing air out through floppy lips.

Named after motorboating, where the resulting sound that is created sounds similar to an outboard boat motor.
Look at that ass! It definitely needs some serious garbage trucking.
by Here I Be August 11, 2011
1. the thing that takes your garbage away
2. My friend Corey and I's secret
double team wrestling move were we pick up someone and put there arms on our shoulder lift with one arm and spread there legs with another.....ram em into a skinny tree or light pole!!!
"Me and him garbage trucked dylan and it didnt hurt him"
by Nick...Punisher February 23, 2005
The garbage truck. Jeam Paul says this, because he doesn't know how to spell garbage.
I need to get the trash for the garbaging truck
by Aaron V. May 20, 2003
when a girl forcefully sits on a guys penis during intercourse right before hes about to pull out.
bruh, i was at at Tiffany's house and we were fuckin', and when I tried to pull out she garbage trucked me. I think im bout to be a father.
by schmegma_cheese February 16, 2019
When you attach a dildo to a wall and run backward full speed making a beep beep beep sound. Hoping to impaled your rectum.
Brad was showing that cunt hole Steve how to do the San Benito garbage truck, when Brad got shit all over the wall.
by TISBCO September 13, 2010