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Gapa is the name of a homeless man outside Asda who never turns down a sesh.
by Gapa Gaffer August 02, 2019
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Ta dim dim ta ta ta dim ta dim dim ta dim ta K?

by Rodddd March 30, 2005
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(abbrev.) Great American Pavement Ape. Slang term, usu. derogatory, black male, a.k.a. African American. So called due to physical resemblance to ape / jungle primate, living in America instead of natural habitat in Africa or some other continent than American continent. Pavement refers to the urban landscape of pavement versus vegetation or other natural botanic elements in nature. "Great" is patronizing ironic reference to the term used in other, more legitimate toxonomic references.
Behold the mighty Great American Pavement Ape, body slammed by Epic Beard Man. GAPA got pwned.
by livefree May 29, 2010
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