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1) The final boss in Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo, 3DS, and Japanese platforms.

- See also: Ganon (Collector's Edition, Game Boy Advance, and Wii consoles)

2) A person using the "try force" method to achieve their (often unsavory) goals.

3) A private Catholic university in Erie, Pennsylvania. Home to the Golden Knights.

Not to be confused with Gandalf, the geriatric pedophile in a tale about homosexual elves and dwarves with learning disabilities.
James: I was only trying to get her to come home with me.
Andy: Calm down, Gandalf. She doesn't like you that much.
James: Whoa there, Frodo. What are you talking about?
Andy: Keep it in your pants, Gannon. She said no. Deal with it.
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by Dickchinhairy December 19, 2017

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Originally slang for family. When "peeps" became mainstream, the ghetto needed a less accurate reference for a group of other degenerates.

Often combined with other three (or fewer) letter words to form near-illiterate sentences.
Dis is lit fam.
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by Dickchinhairy May 04, 2017

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1. An attempt to instigate argument by exaggerating someone's current emotional state as being extremely furious.

2. An alternative to the question "u mad?" typically posed by gamers to a recently defeated opponent.

Often used by uneducated douchebags or small children, subsequently causing it to become a valid statement.
Jeff: I got kicked out of the room because I was one level lower than the host. I had to find a new one.
Tammy: Triggered! Git gud, scrub!
Jeff: I was just saying it was annoying to start the search over again. Go f**k yourself, kid.
Tammy: See! I tolded you! TRIGGERED!!!
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by Dickchinhairy December 10, 2017

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A fruit drink, often mixed with alcohol, that tastes like ass.
I swore I asked for the jungle juice, but ended up with donkey punch.
by Dickchinhairy November 29, 2015

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