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A highly oppressed cult of damaged gamers who fight against their oppressors, such as the FBI and the Catholic Church.
Mark: Bro, you'll never become a professional gamer.
Michael: Wow, this really shows how corrupt our society is, so much gamer oppression, Gang Weed will fight back
by SansUndertale October 06, 2018
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when an epic gamer, who is rejected by women because they only want jocks, needs to express his supressed rage by smoking some dank
sansbro1: man im so down since cindy turned me down
naenae2: gangweed
sansbro1: epik
by @hentaifappersupreme_ June 11, 2018
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When you are a gamer and have been beating your kids with Tyler "Ninjer" Blevins, you need to relax with some gang weed. If someone isn't gang weed you must make them gang weed or sacrifice them to Lord Speedwagon, Leader of the Bible itself.
Ay bruh, Lemme get some of your gang weed chicken brent sal gang
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by Praise Ande White March 29, 2019
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A phrase that is uttered in jest to make fun of the perception that people in the gamer community have of being oppressed.
by Anarchist Spectacle June 06, 2018
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gang weed is gang weed if someone is not part of gang weed you punch them in the face and take their kneecaps. D A M N. When you minecraft dab 4420 noscope on some hoes lmao deez nuts gang weed bro lemme gang weed bro.
person 1:bruh you str8 up gang weed?
person 2: hell no

person 1: punches person 2 in the face and takes his kneecaps
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by bdshjgvgk June 05, 2018
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This is a type of weed that is circulated by gangs and usually smoked by gang members
This is also proclaimed as the best type of weed and has been taken the piss out of by the ironic meme community.
Man im really down for some gang weed right now
yea sure i know some guys
by little abdi June 11, 2018
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