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When a group of people (the gang) does something crazy, or out of the ordinary, that pussies wouldn't dare to do.
1. Aye nigga, last night the gang went mobbin and did some crazy gang shit.
2. That's some gang shit nigga!
3. Fuck wit us and we gonna do some gang shit nigga!
by MobbinSinceDayOne June 26, 2016
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Gang Shît isn’t just friends, nor family, this is a unit. No one wants to get in the way of gs activity if you happen to come across gang shît activity you best be running the other way. Gang Shît moves in silence they do dumb shit and just absolutely get fucking plastered
Person 1 - Yo did you see what Gang Shît did yesterday
Person 2 - Yea that shit was crazy as fuck they really out here in these valley trenches
by gswayne March 23, 2019
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when two people order the same entree at a restaurant without knowing
whoa, grace and lily just ordered the lobster spaghetti and they’re sitting at opposite ends of the table. gang shit.
by upland March 04, 2018
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Gang shit is a word used by some mentally abnormal people.They say "Gang Shit" when they go out in a group and shit onto place ls to show their domination.
by SupremeDictator July 30, 2018
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When a group of five or more people defecate in the same toilet.
Janitor 1: Aw man, we're gonna need a freaking drain snake.

Janitor 2: Why is that?

Janitor 1: It looks like ten guys took a gang shit in there.
by Barry Dwight August 01, 2013
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Where friends come together for a gathering in desperation to fill in their void of lonliness. "Gang shit" revolves around desperately starting conversations but later struggling to contrubute to it resulting in an awkward atmosphere.
by Bbhsywjw December 22, 2018
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dis some real fuckin lit on fleek get wrekt kinda whack-your-balls-off we ain't playin kinda shit.
*at Korean BBQ*
"Yo, we on some fuckin gang shit"
by hentailuver July 05, 2018
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