A girl who is playful and mischievous, but also wide-eyed with childlike innocence and carefree, even boyish features like short hair and looser clothing.
It's that carefree attitude combined with a natural girlish femininity--the fact that they don't appear to be trying--that makes a gamine so appealing.
It's a compliment to be called a gamine--it means your effortlessly, innocently sexy.
It's hard to pinpoint why a gamine is so sexy, it's just her attitude

Audrey Hepburn was a classic gamine
by boner nation May 6, 2011
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The act of playing a game, derived from the gerund "gaming"
Guy 1: hey man what you doin
Guy 2: dude i'm gamin
by Woogie Noogie November 2, 2013
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To act like the well-known westcoast rapper The Game. He's now (July 2009) dissing Jay-Z at his concerts (in Europe) whereas he quoted him 75 times in his past songs. So when u say that someone is Gamin, it simply means the person talks or acts in a paradoxical way.
Man1, looking at Edward Norton's photo in a magazine : mayne i luv dat actor !
Man2 : That's cool, his new film is in cinemas ! What about seein it tomorrow ?
Man1 : Sounds nice, i'm witchu homie.
(the day after)
Man2 : Man let's see the new Ed. Norton's film !
Man1 : Hu ?
Man2 : You told me you liked him yesterday..
Man1 : 'The Fck ? Dat bytch can succ my dicc every single day of the week, i aint neva liked him. Fck him, mayne.
Man2 : Boy, you're Gamin' hard..
by eReal__ July 25, 2009
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This word has a colombian background, a gamin is someone that lives in a hood. This kind of person knows how to do a lot of stuff and dies things in an ordinary way.
He broke into the teachers records and fucked them up. Thats a brave gamin
by Alejandro February 15, 2005
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To say something you don't really mean, and making sure that everyone around you heard it.
Shit abby is hott... GAMIN!!!!! She is the fuckin fattest arsed mole in Australia!
by El-Rollo April 12, 2005
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