A cynical practice by corporate douches where workers are supposedly motivated to work even harder on menial, pointless tasks by rewarding them with lame titles, meaningless rankings, coupons or a variety of other real-life trash loot.
The person who licks the most envelopes, today, will get a coffee mugs with your boss' picture. Isn't that awesome?! See? We're all about gamification.
by Manylaughs July 10, 2012
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The process of turning the world as it is experienced into a computer game.
"Work doesn't feel like work anymore Harry. It feels like they've got me jumping through hoops with these bonus points games the new line manager has introduced. But games are games right?. Bring it on!"

"Gamification is the word you're looking for Norris my dear lad"
by Benncm June 21, 2011
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