Useless items in MMORPG games such as wow or world of warcraft. Although it is true that considering you are paying for a game, that you do not deserve to have useless things in it, but you are just one zombie out of millions of others who pay as well. Therefore, it is imperative that 99.99% of the "lootable" in-game items you acquire are entirely useless and hence "trash loot". Recent studies indicate that over 12% of player's time in a MMORPG game is consumed by boring chore of filtering his epic loots to find anything usable in it.
Damn, my inventory is full, I need to clean it up.
- What, now? Again? It will take hours man, we just started having fun.
I know but there's just too much trash loot, it fills up my epic bags quickly.
- Oh well, that's the price of being a legendary hero in a MMORPG. Not everything can be fun, right?
by UltraMegaSassyCat August 10, 2010
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