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Gamecocking - v. Having a 14 point lead midway through the 4th quarter for two games consecutively to subpar competition, then contriving to lose in spectacular fashion.
"I enjoy watching a good Gamecocking."
by ZenPenguin October 08, 2014
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the act of seemingly putting a game out of reach, celebrating inappropriately like you won the conference, then imploding miserably in the last quarter such that the other team has a season defining comeback win.
Hey Bob, did Oklahoma win that game last night? We had to leave the party early. No, they lost at the end again. Just a lot of Gamecocking this season, damn it!
by Redlin24 November 03, 2014
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To think that you actually excel in a particular area, like college football, just to come to the realization you will always be second rate. No matter how many times you beat Clemson.
I thought they were National Title Contenders. Nah they was just Gamecocking.
by NickSimmons84 October 01, 2014
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(v.) Being rejected from something you wanted to be of part of, like a college, and having to settle for something lesser, then pretend that it was your first choice and that you are still better than everyone else, usually with a extremely bad, or "cocky", attitude.
He's been in and out of jail his whole life and hasn't stopped gamecocking. I heard he is opening up a bar that will likely be run into the ground because of his poor business degree.
by Your Boss's Boss September 20, 2013
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To suck mad dick while refusing to awknowledge your obvious homosexual preference.
Did you see him? Yeah bro. Spurrier was Gamecocking Jadeveon Clowney all game. Yeah bro. It was awesome.
by Non-gamecock. October 18, 2013
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A term widely used throughout college football fans where a team within a conference becomes childlike and cheers for their conference success as if it was their own team's win or success. This is especially true of the lesser teams within that conference that do not have a winning pedigree or any titles or championships within that conference.
Boy, Fred sure is pulling a gamecock (Gamecocking)again simply because his team's dismal woes (3-9 on season) were wished away because the conference champion of which his team belongs just had a player win a National Football award. An example of this type of childish fandom would be a team from the same conference having a player win the Heisman trophy, and Fred celebrating like he just watched his team (not involved in the Heisman race) win the national title.
by Football God March 23, 2016
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(verb) When you make an astounding performance in front of a large audience, or alone; usually in the context of college baseball or football season.
I was Gamecocking when I remembered all my lines in the play.
by Anonymous1234356756885 September 29, 2012
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