Stepping up your game, but in a more literal sense for gamers only. A more hardcore version of "Get Good", but not as intense as "Square Up".
Only to be used by true gamers.
Casual: "Man, I really messed up that match."
The Pro™: "Just Game Up, dude."
by 69GamerLetsGoBoys69 October 19, 2019
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Getting ready to play Wii games / Play station / Xbox games together. Putting in the game dvd, plugging in Wii remotes ... it might even stretch to setting up suitable food: bowl of popcorn, drinks etc.

Similar to 'tool up' when getting ready to do some serious DIY.
Robert, are we playing Mario Kart of Lego Star Wars?
Let's play Mario Kart dad.
Ok, let's Game up then.
by songthrush September 19, 2011
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1. Used when something is ruined.

2. Used when a conversation is stopped due to a bad joke.
1. 'Fuck, the stupid Mac froze.'
'Pffft, games up the pole.'

2. 'Communism!'
'Games up the pole, homes.'
by Jonny Campbell June 11, 2004
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improve your skills or talents.
You gotta step your game up to make in in the rap biz.
by weeza September 4, 2003
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n1:I'm earning only 5$/h.
n2: uuu.. u're relly need to step yo game up!!
by czarny May 29, 2008
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Used in video games during situations where one team either has been or is being utterly raped by an opposing team. This lets them know that you find their performance disappointing and that they should increase both their ability and performance. While the intent behind saying it is to encourage them to play better, this usually has the opposite effect if they are unable to do so and sometimes results in a phenomena known as the ragequit.
Team 1: "Shit, we're getting steamrolled here..."
Team 2: "STEP YO GAME UP!!!"
Team 1: "Fuck this shit, i'm leaving."
Team 1 disconnects from server.
by Elindale August 15, 2008
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When in a relationship. hooking up with a girl that is hotter then your girlfriend.
Hey didn't you cheat on Amanda....... Nah i stepped my game up by hooking up with Amy. yea your right you were just stepping your game up.
by yeabuddy101 February 9, 2011
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