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Time spent usually in company on the sofa relaxing, chatting, chilling out ... but the time could be spent alone.
Hey Bob, shall we just chill and have some sofa time watching a video?
by songthrush January 22, 2012

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To upcloud is to upload data to the cloud. Upclouding is the process of doing this; upclouded is the process completed.
Arthur! Don’t be so old fashioned, you no longer need to store your data on a hard drive, USB drive, DVD and so on. Just UPCLOUD it. It's safe and secure and can be accessed from anywhere. I’m gonna do some upclouding later. Most of my data has now been upclouded.
by songthrush September 13, 2012

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Usually a small group of workers (office of otherwise) who take a small 'fag break' three or four times a day ... usually outside the back door of office / company.
Those people are going on a 'fag break'.
Oh they're what we call the fag gang, you'll get used to it.
by songthrush September 19, 2011

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Getting ready to play Wii games / Play station / Xbox games together. Putting in the game dvd, plugging in Wii remotes ... it might even stretch to setting up suitable food: bowl of popcorn, drinks etc.

Similar to 'tool up' when getting ready to do some serious DIY.
Robert, are we playing Mario Kart of Lego Star Wars?
Let's play Mario Kart dad.
Ok, let's Game up then.
by songthrush September 19, 2011

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It didnt go the way it was meant to go; as planned. Rather: "It went bandit".
Person being interviewed by police may lead police to believe he / she is 'having the job' that is: going to 'cough to the job'. But during interivew the person being interviewed admits to nothing / gives misleading information or goes 'no comment'. This then is going 'bandit' at interview.
by songthrush August 11, 2009

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To come clean; to tell the truth.
Person being interviewed by police may 'cough to the job' ... that is, state that he / she carried out the action / deed that led to them being interviewed.
by songthrush August 11, 2009

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