When you try to fart but end up shitting in your pants.
Carlos and I were hanging out in the hotel room when Carlos lifted a cheek and squeezed one out. Unfortunately it sounded wet. Carlos gambled and lost.
by perogi February 02, 2007
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When one has "gambled and lost," they have tried to fart, but in the process, some fecal matter has come out. Usually resulting in a "shower of shame." Opposite of "gambled and won."
Rory: Hey, where's Jake?
Brian: Oh, he gambled and lost and now he is taking a shower of shame.
by Jaker February 03, 2006
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When you push out what you think is a fart but turns out to be a turd.
Dude, after that Mexican food I gambled 'n lost. I had to run home and change.
by Bill June 18, 2003
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