5 definitions by perogi

Anything extremely tasty. Can be used for food or people.
See that flavulous chick eating that hotdog?
Yup, I felt it deep in my soul.
by perogi August 6, 2006
Similar to a recording contract except the artist is horrible. A mixture of Fecund and Recording Contract.
As seen on VFTW: "You people are nothing but LOSERS. What a waste of humans. You are nothing but retarded no bodies. Fuck all of you to hell. Pricks. Guess what?Pia will have a fecording contract within a week. Pussy paulo will go no where. What a bunch of assholes."
by perogi April 8, 2011
When Mana Permits Used frequently in Everquest when you ask for a buff but don't want to sound pushy.
Hey can I have a SoW, wmp?
by perogi June 26, 2006
When you try to fart but end up shitting in your pants.
Carlos and I were hanging out in the hotel room when Carlos lifted a cheek and squeezed one out. Unfortunately it sounded wet. Carlos gambled and lost.
by perogi February 2, 2007
Hisses at the everyone when they walk by. Dresses like Dorothy from the golden girls, plus side her snatch probably smells like cheesecake. Stabbed herself in the eye with her own chin once. Wears natural deodorant made From the taint sweat of Tibetan monks mixed with quinoa, possibly a vegan. forehead is so oily that ya can’t even drown the bitch! Loves flamingos.
Tod: hey did u see that new chick we hired on the 4th floor what’s her story?
Chad: yea! I was walking past as she bent over and I had the sudden urge to throw canned cherrys on her ass!

Tod: must be a jillen bro
by perogi February 7, 2019