When you convince a young hipster girl that she needs to blow you for your film.
I galloed this girl at NYFA this afternoon
by nsh1212 March 07, 2008
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Gals Make This sound with a warm load down their throat
by Steve March 06, 2003
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Giancarlo's evil nemesis, they battle with sameri swords while Eric Altano watches and wacks it.
Giancarlo: Gallo, Challenge me, Giancarlo, god amongst men!
Gallo: Fist Me!
Dan Fandino: I am sexually attracted to Fire....
by Ken Sluce May 10, 2004
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A chart documenting someone who’s obnoxious (or a GG) in great detail. When one looks at said chart the initial reaction is to “gag”. This is also the full word for the abbreviation GG.
Thomas: As you can see by this Gallo Gag Chart, the subjects has objectionable taste in clothes and needs grooming.

John: Please don’t make me Gallo Gag . I think it’s time you turned your life around--you need professional help.
by Spencer O'Rielly October 24, 2008
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Massive fuckboy, thinks he’s popular, but no one really likes him. He’s literally had 13 girlfriends, not a single one hot.
Luke Gallo has no friends.
by Stro62305 September 26, 2018
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