A quaint, touristy town about 3 hours northwest of Chicago. Galena is houses many vacation and weekend homes of the wealthy Chicagoans. Everyone loves to spend money at they many shoppes and restaurants, and the scenery is postcard perfect. A small percentage of people who live in Galena are actually employed in the Galena area. Galena is also very popular with the LGBT community.
"Did you want to go come out to my cabin in Galena this weekend?" "Sure, we can take my Range Rover!!"
by qwerty90 May 07, 2009
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the ultimate dad. she got style, she got grace, she IS miss united states. one eggplant pant wearing beautiful soul of a lady who you should be blessed to meet and cross paths with. the voice of an angel and the creativity of a thousand tables (inside joke u wouldn't get it ;) ) much love to this bb
Hey do you know Galena?

Yes, she is the bees knees.
by pastybitch September 23, 2019
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