Relating to homosexuality, or gayness.
Rodrigo: OMG! Don't forget to wear an ugly sweater to my Christmas Party! By the way, don't tell anyone, but I bought these really cute men's UGGs for Ray's secret santa gift! BTW if you get here early, we're having mimosas!

Bypasser: Oh my! What gaiety!
by mdogskrilla February 19, 2014
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1. Cheerfullness, cheer, joy, happiness, meriment, jollity, delight
There was a gaiety in her voice.
by Gay_Kween April 4, 2019
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acting in a homosexual or gay manner; the state of being gay
I can't watch this TV show any longer, for there is too much gaiety.
by John Myers January 30, 2006
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An aura surrounding a self-purported straight male that alerts your spidey sense that his ass is really gay.
I don't care how many times Henry says he's straight, everyone knows he's lying! He's dragging ambient gaiety around like Pig Pen's cloud of funk.
by Tasha October 10, 2005
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