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When Gaelle in a relationship she's really loyal & will make you fall in love with her. She's easy to love. If you're her boyfriend you'll be proud of calling you hers. She gets jealous of anyone, doesn't matter who but she's the jealous type and gets mad if you talk to any girl because she's afraid to lose you. She's the best girlfriend you can ever have. If you lose her you're actually stupid because you lost the best girl that will ever make you feel loved. She love you for you & that's all. She's really gorgeous & has an amazing personality. She can be immature at times but its because that's really how she is but you know you still love her no matter what.
Stop being such a Gaelle
by Sssssssskelly May 17, 2018
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Gaelle is a French name. It is a unique name and you are lucky to know someone called Gaelle. Gaelle is a beautiful female that loves making friends. She respects her close friends and family and is a good person to hang out with
Gaelle is such an amazing friend.
by Unknownprincessxo May 27, 2017
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A Gaëlle is usually a really nice person who is great at being socially awkward.
She can become great friends with people she already knows, but hates starting a conversion. She could be either insecure but great at hiding it, or really confident.

She also always has at least one best friend by her side, which she can tell practicality anything to.

Gaëlle can also quickly develop phobias of practically anything.

Overall, a Gaëlle is a great person to love and talk to.
Except when she's mad. Don't do it!
Duuude, look at her being socially akward! What a real Gaëlle! :P social akward friendly loving
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by goodxlaugh May 08, 2018
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a female who is extraordinarily good-looking in a non-sexy way; not flaunting their good looks
French root
by johannasmba December 30, 2008
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french name for a girl
usually quite good looking girls but quite stupid, gaelle doesn't respect property
hey you're such a gaelle! (when a girl is flirting with your boyfriend)
by sssssettttte February 06, 2010
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