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A sale that was not worked for. Also known as a lap-sale.
Customer walks into store with a bag of money wanting to purchase a car. The sales man just received a gaddis as he didn't have to work hard to get the sale.
by cRiTiCiZeD September 05, 2011
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The act of sucking two or more dicks at the same time
I tried to see how many dicks I could gaddis at one time, but I could only fit three.
by Kennnnnnneth March 05, 2012
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Secret name for weed in telugu people.
Maama gaddi kodadhaama??

Not literally by means , bro, let’s do dope..
by Eggburgikalifa August 06, 2018
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When you catch something.
Person 1: Catch
*Person 2 catches ball that Person 1 throws*
Person 2: Gaddi
by Asteria_Black September 20, 2018
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