(G)et (Y)ourself (T)ested after you have unproteceted sex.
Hey! Um Jessica, it's Joe from prom. I just found out have herpes you should get yourself tested (GYT) just in case.
by loismustdie2009 April 04, 2009
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Gyts means Glad You Think/Thought So:) It's pretty cool! It's not meant to be sarcastic, so...
Kim: I love your hat.
Lil Joe: Why thank you Kim, gyts.
by Lil Gyts November 01, 2010
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As All Time Low has made obvious to the public today April 1, 2009...GYT means
"Get Yourself Tested." April is STD month, and on a serious note (Although Atl
makes a joke out of it many times) All Time Low is asking everyone to get
tested..For the good of themselves and friends/lovers.

Go GYT! It really can make a huge difference
by <3KK April 21, 2009
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GYT (acronym,verb) : Get Yourself Tested. To suggest that someone else test their sexual status for sexually transmitted diseases
"Victor| Yo man did you fuck Becky last night?

Jason| Hell yea we didn't even need to use condom. We just went all out it was so hot.

Victor| Yo Becky is a slut you should GYT man...
by Roxanna Caulfield May 30, 2011
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