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Acronym for "get yo ass beat". Became very popular after rappers Jay Lewis and WNC Whop made the song, "GYAB".
Boy: I like this song. What does GYAB even mean?
by LexO October 01, 2016
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A word that can be replaced for any other word, based on sentence structure. Gyab is a universal word.
"Yo whats gyabin" ( yo whats up)
"yo what the gyab just happened" ( yo what just happened)
"Yo lets have crazy gyab sex" (To have really wild sex)
by Gyab November 02, 2008
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Short for "Get your Ass Beat"
Ex. Bitch keep playing with me and you go fuck around and GYAB.

G. Y. A. B is a word used for fighting
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Short for Get Your Ass Beat. A term used for almost any situation. It can be used in short acronym version or by fully saying it's meaning.
Josh: Hey Erik have fun on your trip up to station to fix that radar.

Erik: Yo, imma GYAB


Chris:: Jones get your ass beat taking that trip.

Jones: Nah man you GYAB haha
by Cypher225 October 24, 2017
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