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Genuine- Real.
Unique- Like no other.
Assertive- Confident.
Voluptuous- Curvaceous and sexy.
(1.)No matter what shape or size every woman is GUAV!

(2.)I feel different when Iā€™m with this woman. She is definitely GUAV.
by GUAV WIFEY August 23, 2019
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the dirtiest of the dirty, people who are the most annoying and do not clean themselves ever! they are not funny and smell, be cautious because it can spread, THEY ARE DIRTY. 4/4 is the maximum guav
did you see that group of kids over there?
yea they're the guavs
by BR MH April 24, 2019
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A new term that means extremely cool
1st guy: Wow dude that was lit
2nd guy: no bro it was guav
by Guav man June 28, 2017
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A trendy new dance move of the 21st century. Dancers flick their wrists above their head while taping their heel to the floor from side to side. Commonly danced to rap or hip hop music. The name guav originated from guava juice, which was the inspiration for the dance move.
This song is poppin let's get on the dance floor and hit the guav.
by Jimmy221119 February 19, 2017
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