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GTFOM - phrase - Get the fuck off me.

GTFOM can be used offensively or defensively to warn people in your immediate proximity that; a) you do not intend take anymore of their shit, therefore b) they should cease in their line of discussion. GTFOM is useful in instances where you find youself the target of ridicule or conversely when a listener annoyingly questions your opinion, you may tell him/her to GTFOM. Finally, GTFOM is a universal dismissive which adds zest and contempt to your average response in the negative.
"Hey bro, I forgot my wallet in the car, can you buy me a pina colada?"


Very effective when utilized between BSTFU and RFN; so

"Bro, I swear I was going to put in on that bag, but I just balanced the checkbook and no-can-do."


by Rainmaker July 05, 2006
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get the fuck off mythos. mythos is a very addictive games that causes people to disregard anything from others not playing the game. WoW 2.0
dude gtfom, im hella hungry
by h3r0 February 24, 2008
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