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When girls get together to go out and have fun
"My man and I broke up...lets have a GNO!!"
by Alchiwhore4life December 11, 2004
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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Girls Night Out! When girls hang out and have a great time. You go for dinner, watch movies, talk about people, play games, and stay up all night. It is so much fun!
OMG A,L,M,J and E are having a GNO today!

I wish i was going!
by BlondeChick July 21, 2005
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This is a night out for the girls. Once every week or two the girls go out together to party it up. Married, single, gay, straight, stoner, lush...all are welcome.
Last G.N.O. was crazy. This guy insulted my friend so she poured two glasses of water over his head. HA! Don't mess with my bitches!!!
by Niva June 08, 2007
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Danny: "Guys, tonight's GNO is dinner at Fridays. Don't call the women."
by DJ Andre October 15, 2009
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GNO (Goofy Niggas Only) Only some straight goofy ass mother fuckers can rep this tag.
by Big Gatz December 29, 2019
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