dude 1: wanna go to the bar tonight?
dude 2: naw man i gotta see the GIFF tonight.
dude 1: Get someeeee
by Softballa8768 January 6, 2011
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As an alternative of "give", but it can also be used as "give me the/those".
Oi, giff snacks
Sure, bra'
by TheLinx May 13, 2009
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Also "Giffy", "Gifford" and "Dr. Gifford".

"Giff" 1. Nickname of person (usually with surname Gifford). 2. Minor curse "Oh what the giff!?" 3. Used to denote something bad or unpleasant "He's done a giff all over the carpet!"
by BJD June 19, 2004
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A mess on an object, multiple bits of rubbish covering something
I couldn't wear that top, it was covered in giff
by Vorgot August 16, 2018
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Used instead of gay or dick as a general insult
You made a right giff of yourself
by The Dentist Manchester July 26, 2007
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