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Go Get You Some
Created by YouTube beauty gurus EleventhGorgeous to recommend people to buy something.
This shirt is gorgeous and super afforable! GGYS!
by missvanilla August 24, 2011
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Good Game You
Popularized by the singer Mikolas Josef in his song 'Lie to me', that will represent the Czech Republic in Eurovision 2018
He explains the meaning in the video: Mikolas Josef (Czech Republic 2018) Interview | Eurovision Pre-Party Riga 2018 at 3' 33''
by MDUisTØP&BMTHtrash June 02, 2018
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Short For Ghost In The GraveYard A Common Game Played By Kids Usually at night

Created In Greenfield Wisconsin
Were Going To Karweiks To PLay GGY You In or is you out?
by Karweik86 June 13, 2007
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