Her pussy or vagina dosen't make you nut or cum as fast as you want
Man, I spent a check on that weak pussy and didn't event nut!
by BrickFam33637 April 13, 2015
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Used to describe a girl who can't get laid.; Used to describe a girl who won't have sex.; Used to describe a girl isn't good in bed.
"Nah man, you don't want none of that bitch. She's weak in pussy."
by swiss February 15, 2005
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the state of being extremely horny, wanting sex more than average (relates to women only)
How could you sleep with him?! - Well, it wasn't me, blame it on my pussy weakness...
by jusik March 8, 2011
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1. Someone that acts like a pussy all the time.

2. Someone whoms pussy isn't quite enjoyable.
1. person A: Let's go to the mall.
person B: No it's raining outside.
person A: Boy, do you have weak ass pussy syndrome or something!
by Parkzoom November 13, 2019
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