Simply a girl that's your friend, nothing more.
by LilMeatBeater July 21, 2019
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The forum of choice for fucking lame-ass CS n00bs.
I got banned by VAC for my errant use of aimbots and my WONID is over 4000000, so I am going to go fag it up over at the GF, and then go to the OTF and get indignant when I get flamed for being a clueless bluehat!
by Cliffe November 21, 2003
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You type gf when your too lazy to write out girlfriend.
random guy-wow you have a pretty gf.
by XOXO, IG May 31, 2019
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Sorry, I already have plans with the gf tonight.
by Bungalow Bill February 16, 2002
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Is used when you need to say something rude to someone in the presence of others. it is then appropriate to use gf.
by Gillesthefrenchie December 5, 2013
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Good fucking story. Usually used when someone tells a really bad or vague story.
Me: So I went to the store yesterday.
Other guy: And?
Me: That's it.
Other guy: GFS you fgt
by xAvier October 29, 2004
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On line chat abbreviaton for Girl Friend
No, I cant play a game with you, im going to my GF's house after this.
by Anonymous April 19, 2003
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