Person 1: I'm sad.
Person 2: You know what you need? A GF (good fuck).

Also: That Dan, hes such a GF.
by BDT November 24, 2004
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Good friend, its The opposite of SF(shity friend). It describes someone being a good friend, Normally used by skaters; and it's Commonly mistaken for the Internet term for girlfriend(gf) the diferrence between the two is capital letters GF(good friend) and gf(girlfriend)
what's up GF

Your a GF, but _____ is being an SF right now
by Cross027 February 19, 2009
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1. GirlFriend (In common chat about topics that involve girlfriends)
2. GodFather (In the game Town of Salem)
3. Good Fight (In Multiplayer Games that involve PvP or Player versus Player)
GF as in Girlfriend: "You are my gf"
GF as in GodFather: "He's GF"
GF in Multiplayer PvP Gaming: *After a battle* "GF"
by Practioner December 10, 2016
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"Go Figure". Used less often as the meaning of gf, but shows itself occasionally, mostly via online gaming or chat.
Person 1: Why the hell do people like Macs anyway?
Person 2: Dunno, gf mac zealots.
by anselhelm May 1, 2007
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verb. adjective noun. To satisfy another in an appropriate manner.
Oh my god, i just GFed that girl last night.

I love GFing others.

I GF better than she does.
by youknowhow ido May 26, 2008
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short for Grand Final in a sporting event.
YEA!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!! WE WON THE GF!!!!!
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