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A Sub-Forum of Honda-Tech, The love child of awesome and win after a night of hot passionate sex.

The forum is frequented by the highest of society, usually composed of doctors, lawyers and Bankers, usually a combination of all 3, all owning Ferrari's and Lamborghini's.

Rice bois, illiterate idiots, and douchebags are not welcome in GDD and are best left to the 92-00 forum.
I just head about George Knighton on GDD, that place is full of win.
by Kiwibird83 April 06, 2009
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General Discussion and Debate. Forums for off-topic conversation, and mainly associated with the GDD forum on honda-tech.
GDD is the most ignorant forum on the internet.
by random gdd time waster April 11, 2006
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Good Deep Dickin'- Remedy for upset girlfriend / wife. also attitude adjustment.
My chick was being a bitch, so I gave her a GDD.
by Mike Morris May 12, 2005
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buy the domain for your recipe vlog
Originating in Las Vegas New Mexico it is an abrieviation for a Group Ditch Day. This is where students coordinate to ditch class and do something better than school.
Hey we're having a GDD for 4th period today don't go to class.
by awesomer than awesome March 05, 2010
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Growth deficit disorder is caused when the pituitary gland ceases the production of a hormone that is vital to human growth. This is usually occurs in one's early teenage years. As a result adult men & women are left with the body of an under developed teenager.
Dude look at that chick! I think she's got GDD
by dean drelincourt May 31, 2007
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GDD abbreviated for GeeDropDead, was first used exclusively by networkers in Scotland on such sites as myspace,bebo and stickam, now frequently used by many people of many different "categories" All over the world.
gee: "it was one of those moments you just felt like gdd!"

jen: "omg totally"
by sarah alexandria February 28, 2008
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