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Golden Closet Film

The pseudonym for JK (Jungkook of BTS)
Golden Closet is what he calls his film and music studio.
He took it after his nickname Golden Maknae
- Golden because he is a man of many natural talents (singing, dancing, rap, composing, writing, drawing, sports (taekwondo, wrestling etc.) , games, imitations, acting, photography, videography etc.)
- Maknae (막내) which means the youngest
He refers to his studio as his "closet" because way back when he was just starting, he would make his music in their band dorm closet.
"Hey, did you see JK's new travel video in Tokyo and Osaka with Jimin and with V too on BANGTANTV?"
"Yes! The editing was amazing considering GCF has only just started. He really is a hardworking young man. I also heard his cover of We Don't Talk Anymore with Jimin."
"Yeah, their voices were stunning. He has a bright future ahead of him."
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by rkfldkk on ig June 28, 2018
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G.C.F stands for Golden Closet Films, they're basically short vlogs, filmed, produced, and edited by the amazing Golden Maknae, Jeon Jungkook of BTS. They basically consist of various shots of BTS in foreign countries, you'll notice some of the members here and there, the G.C.Fs always show the beauty of the scenery and focus on the spectacular views of the landscape.
Your friend: Did you watch Jungkook's latest G.C.F?
You: The GCF in Tokyo? Yes, I did!
Your friend: It was a work of art!
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by Jeonnucho2 October 25, 2018
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good clean fun; those who don't need to get fucked up, smutfuck, fuck someone over etc., to have fun.
also a hxc/punk band from DC
straight edge. descendents-GCF. the moral behind the best shows.
by kstinks March 02, 2008
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A way of trolling on omegle. When they ask what it means, make fun of them.(it could mean greatest common factor, pretend it means something dirty)
you:all the way(;
by kindasortamaybe November 28, 2011
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Fags who is into camper vans and the camper culture.
Guy 1: Bro check out that camper van
Guy 2: Are you a G.C.F?

Guy 1: What’s a G.C.F
Guy2: It’s a gay camper fag you queer
by Cyler Poe March 07, 2019
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