One who is a Gullible Ass N*gga (GAN)
"That rat went for the cheese, but it was caught in the rat trap. What a GAN!"
by shankisdank September 04, 2018
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I just popped 5 hydros and I'm rolling up a joint. We finna have a GAN.
by drvggle December 19, 2020
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The technique of playing video games. Specifically, the involvement of avoiding conflict in multiplayer melee games, letting the other players fight and lose lives. Taking cheapshots, attacking players only when they already have a large amount of damage and claiming large victories from all of the kills obtained.
"get in on the action, and stop ganning"

"No one cares if you win the matched, you ganned the whole time."
by Xavier Crews March 08, 2008
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a word used in scotland and the north east of England.
im tired so im ganning.
by Clive Warren August 24, 2007
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Bud. Weed. Pot. Dro.
"Gans", is Detroit slang. Used for any bud that is good, green, weed. Gans is the bud your dealer always has. Usually pretty cheap, ranging in price depending on it's quality, which can be anywhere between mids and chrons

You can hear Big Herk, a Detroit Rapper, mention gans in a few of his songs
Also spelled ganz or gands sometimes
"You got them gans?"
"I'll throw a bowl of gans."
"A: You pick up from marc?
B: Yeah I got an eighter sack of them gans."
"Strong like gans when that shit first lit" ~ Big Herk
by OG Gooch Man January 15, 2009
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