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The technique of playing video games. Specifically, the involvement of avoiding conflict in multiplayer melee games, letting the other players fight and lose lives. Taking cheapshots, attacking players only when they already have a large amount of damage and claiming large victories from all of the kills obtained.
"get in on the action, and stop ganning"

"No one cares if you win the matched, you ganned the whole time."
by Xavier Crews March 08, 2008
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Verb: Malingering, hiding to avoid work. Any action taken to avoid a task that requires more effort than simply completing the task.
Joe Schmo was supposed to take out the trash at the end of the shift but instead he's upstairs ganning.
by BenGeezy October 05, 2010
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Gan Ning of the Bells, was a blood-thirsty killer..yeah...he killed thousands of inocent his teen years...then! He decided to get paid to kill..and went to serve some dushbag who was like...'hell no I wont let you join my army you stupid pirate' so..Gan Ning then went to serve Huang Zu...

When Sun Ce, the emporer of the Wu kingdom, attacked Huang Zu in revenge for killing his father...
Gan Ning Killed one of Wu's skilled Generals, Ling Cao, with an arrow.... Then Ling Tong (Ling Cao's son) swore vengence to his father and kill Gan Ning... But the two fought well...but it ended with a draw...Sun Ce had to retreat...and Ling Tong never got his kill...aa

Later...Gan Ning was practicly begging for appreaceration from Huang Zu...for killing a worthy general...but...Huang Zu did not praze him for his skill in battle... Gan Ning decided to go and join Wu ....but..before he went...he killed Huang Zu in his sleep...(haha stupid noob!)

So..Gan Ning went to join Wu...and Lu Meng and Zhou Yu welcomed him... He was later invited to a party...which Ling Tong was also... Unable to hold in his anger...Ling Tong attacked Gan Ning...heh But Gan Ning Fended him off with his chair (lol thats the lawlers)

Ling Tong had many...many...many many many many many MANY attemps to kill Gan Ning (he even tried to kill him while he was asleep!...but failed) Lu Meng told Ling Tong to forget his grudge agenct Gan Ning and work together.... so ..Gan Ning and Ling Tong (after a while)became good friends...^_^

heres why ...(in the battle of He Fei aganect Wei...Ling Tong was in a duel with Zhang Liao...Gan Ning was lead to watch him in combat....Wei, had set up a plan to kill Ling Tong from behind with an arrow, while he was in the duel....Gan Ning saw the archer...and shot his ass down!! Hells yeah!!!! after the battle...Ling Tong was surprized to hear that it was Gan Ning who saved his life....after that...(and once Ling Tong apologized a thousand times)... Gan Ning and Ling Tong became Good Friends...but...were still rivals...of in...who could kill more soldiers...

But in the end (historicly) Gan Ning Died of illness before the battle of Yi Ling....but (in the novel) Gan Ning was ill...but he went to battle anyways....Gan Ning was riding on his horse...tring to get to Zhao Yun...but...while riding through peons...Sha Moke shoot Gan Ning in the Head....Gan Ning didnt die...yet....He turned around and rode back....he dismounted his horse...and sat under a tree....and waited for his death.........
It was said that Crows covered Gan Ning's if to protect him....Gan Ning was buired in a (house that you just have the coffins in...I donno wat there called) and crows cover that corpse house...even today....

we shall alway love Gan Ning and his coolness...he shall always be in our hearts.....
Gan Ning: "Defeat your Enemies, Protect your Allies"

by Damon_of_the_RedDragons July 31, 2006
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a straight up pimp from the three kingdoms period of china. they say he had a ship full of women. they say he often banged their brains out. oh yeah...he was also an excellent warrior, pirate and general.
"damn fool, you finna get yo gan ning on tonite? THATS MY DAWWWG!"
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
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flashing body parts to the other sex or underwear to other sex over webcam
" gan me you boobs and thong"
"gan me your dick"
by blonday July 30, 2005
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