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Giant internet companies born in USA. To be avoided.
I'm avoiding GAFA.
by Batisteo September 3, 2015
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GAFA : Geographical reference.
Refers to the central area of the Australian continent..the Great Australian Fuck All
"And if you look out the plane window ladies and gentlemen, you will notice the GAFA"
by AussieChef June 20, 2005
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An extraterrestrial being ; someone who is the captain or the leader of a group
Winky D is the Gafa of the Vigilance;
I have seen the space ship of the Gafas in the fields
by Maxkuda February 13, 2019
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A reference made to people who are gay. Simply "A fag" backwards!!! Also known as "MOBY DICK"
Haha look at those Gafa's over there.

by Drongolicker July 23, 2008
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Someone who spends all their time online, or in the Google Apple Facebook Amazon sphere.
All these fuckin' GAFA Stackers should go touch some grass for once.
by Plaguin January 10, 2023
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