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City in the eastern part of North Carolina bka Greenville, about 70 miles away from the coast and 80 miles to the east of Raleigh. Lots of clubs, bars, parties, and sin. Anything goes, all lifestyles accepted, and etc...a town of sin in the middle of the Bible Belt. A growing college town with a met population of over 140,000. One of the fastest growing cities in NC.
We are going to G-Vegas for the weekend.
by Ricks August 16, 2005
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Synonym for Greenville NC. The location of East Carolina University.
Yo man lets go to downtown G vegas and score some ECU hotties.
by Crash ECU July 19, 2005
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nickname used for Greenville, NC home of East Carolina University, lots of parties, and chicks. One of Playboys top party schools
by ECU July 31, 2005
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Greenville, North Carolina

Nick name given to this city beacause it is the official party city for the East coast of North Carolina, due to all of the clubs surrounding East Carolina University
We're Going to party in G_Vegas tonight.
by Star]{rusher July 30, 2005
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Greenville SC . Often misused to refer to Greenville NC, a town with a long tradition of ripping off Greenville SC.
"G Vegas is the pride of the Upstate"
by GVegasInNYC March 13, 2008
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G-Vegas is a nickname for Greenville, SC. The term started in the 90's as Greenville's urban and suburban growth began to skyrocket. It's a tongue-in-cheek term for the city due to it's newfound fame on various best cities in the US lists and its position as the largest metro area in SC (3rd largest in the Carolinas). Term made popular by local business like G-Vegas Volleyball and G-Vegas Nights Photography.
There's nothing happening in Augusta tonight... why don't we hit up G-Vegas for the weekend -- we can catch a Greenville Drive game, grab some sushi downtown and chill at Falls Park.
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by Andy_Dufresne July 31, 2018
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