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A small-College town.A RedNeck environment.very very closed-minded and extremely Homophobic.the people hate anything thats different,that stands out,and if you are openly flamboyantly Gay greenville isn't a place for that.unless you want to be looked at funny.the people hate Gays that are too flamboyant.even the Gays in Greenville don't understand flamboyany Gays.too live in Greenville you got to be just "plain" and Pretend to be "Hetero".It's a nice town for those who live here but if your a Queer Greenville Isn't "That" diverse enough to live happy as a Gay person.Warning:you will be laughed at.mocked.hurrased.and looked at weird.
Greenville,North Carolina is a redneck,homophobic hick town that hates anything thats different or stands out.if your not just "Plain" old john,then your looked at as weird.people in greenville hate openly flamboyant Gays.Greenville is waaaaaay behind and extremely closed-minded.
by EightTrackGrooveSter January 11, 2009
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