the best fucking group in rap. gggggg unit motherfucka. fuck d block and the game. he a fucking potato head. fuck fat joe he to big to even move. fuck ja rule he thinks he like pac but ain't even close. fuck murder inc like what can they do send out ashanti. 50 cent is going to murder game one day cause that little bitch is like a stick. 50 will crush him. tony yayo is g unit's best rapper and buck is there killer and banks is there pimp, but i don't understand y they got olivia in g unit she hot but she sucks. but who ever doesn't like g unit u should stop likeing rap music cause u don't no shit or kill urself.
"man when g unit got on stage at the game concert the slit his troat and yelled gggggg g-unit"
by Dorrian August 31, 2005
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gay unit, a mixture of concrete slab face 53 cents and a dime, and some other fags
ggggggggg GAY UNIT nit nitN n n NIT
by gfag February 07, 2005
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yo yall gotta stop hatin itz true, g unit and 50 cent are probably a phase, but for now just sit yo bitchass self down and enjoy their music!
My buddy, my buddy
Wherever I go, he go
My buddy, my buddy
Can run for your life on the stick up out the window
My buddy, my buddy
I lay your ass out mothafucka is simple
Stay in your place I recommend or say hello to my litte friend-My Buddy, "Beg for Mercy"
by Curtis Jackson December 06, 2003
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Greatest Unit - Every member who is apart of the greatest unit no who they are and will always know who they are.
I am in the greatest Unit i always will be - you are not because you are a gimp
by Gr1dlock April 23, 2003
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ONE OF THE BEST RAP GROUPS...alongside with D-12 and Beastie Boys...It is made up by 4 people(50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Youngbuck and Tony Yayo) some people like em and some people dont...but to play gangsta music u must first off be a gangsta then leave the business n turn to music
G-Unit stands for Gorilla Unit or Gun-It (if ur smart enough to find it)
by Jarret August 01, 2004
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G-Unit is the most electrifying rap-group in music business!

G-Unit means Gorilla Unit

the members are:
50 Cent
Lloyd Banks
Young Buck
Tony Yayo

G-Unit also has its own label, called "G-Unit Records"
ATM the only "non-g-unit-member" on this label is The Game.
by C-Webb October 25, 2004
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