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To lie or tell a tall tale.
"When he said he was pulled over going 150 mph through town in a Mazaradi with two naked lesbian twins, I knew he was Fyfeing me."
by Winston November 28, 2004
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Fuck You For Ever or Fuck Yourself For Ever. This is the ultimate Fuck You as its FOR EVER.
After taking so much shit from a former employer I one day got fed up walked in the bosses office and said YO FYFE! and just walked out.
by MikeDLC July 04, 2008
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A snobby person with an overwhelming distinct 'posh' English accent. *Scots slang*
Pete: "Did you see that boy complaining about going abroad on a budget aeroplane?"
Kurt : "Yeah, he's such a fyfe!".
by Bob&Patrick September 15, 2016
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