A guy in a cab pretending to be a taxi driver but fucks some really hot girls in his cab. Mainly based in Europe. 100% the girls are hot
Hey mack have you watched fake taxi before? Yes its the best porn ever!
by Fullofswager123 January 7, 2015
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fake taxi is when you search up pornhub.com on your computer or phone and you should type up fake taxi its people who only wanna fuck in a taxi.
hello darling is this a taxi. yes this hop in, hey i will give you a free ride if u fuck me. what type of taxi is this fake taxi
by eatyamumsass December 11, 2018
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A sex position - named after a porn series where a guy goes around picking up women and fucking them in his taxi - during which he turns around facing away from her and pushes his dick back and inside her. A reverse cowboy so to speak.
Last night, Joe did the fake taxi on me! Looked like he was twerking in my face but I wasn't mad at it, lol.
by MrsK3ySton3 February 7, 2021
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porn where the taxi driver has sex with the customer at the back of the taxi (great thing to wank over)
did you guys see the episode of fake taxi where he did a titty wank. that shit got me horny!
by TheManWithTheLargeWood October 10, 2018
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Someone that don't get paid in cash to drive someone around.
You can so tell that's a fake taxi. Let's see if we can get a ride
by Wheelnon December 2, 2019
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A man who goes by the name Ryan Bassett, who drives around London in a black London taxi cab. He fucks women by bribing them with a free ride. You know its the fake taxi man as he’ll say “where’d you wanna go luv” you when you get in his cab.
I saw your Sister getting fucked by the fake taxi man in the back of his black cab
by ThoidTheMeatHead February 7, 2019
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