An alien species from the short film titled Aksturmp. Outwardly seeming primitive, a Fweep is a good friend to have on their home planet, especially if you need fire, water, or a good slap on the head. Aksturmp is based on a character from the novel "Strange Things and Hamsters", though Fweeps do not enter into this story.
Fweep or Fweeps. This is a species. As seen in Aksturp, and the soon to follow Aksturmp 2.
by Rotcorp July 21, 2008
A fweep is when air comes out of a penis.

A woman queefs, and a man fweeps.

For a fweep to happen, air must be pushed down into the shaft of the penis via the urethra. This air is condensed in the shaft of the penis near the balls, which is then forcibly pushed up, creating a "fweep."
"I was ready to go down on him, and then he fweeped right on my face!"

"Man, I was hanging with Marty the other day, and I heard something strange from his pants.. I think he fweeped!"
by mololololo October 13, 2011
To sweep a game in 5 games, as in what happened to the 2004 LA Lakers against the mighty Detroit Pistons in the Championship
The Pistons fweeped the Lakers in 2004
by Rasheed June 24, 2004
The sound that might be heard during the dark night, usually associated with kinky roleplay. The sound that is made when blowing on a miniature wistle hanging from a thong of some sort, used as a kinky turn on. Can also be used as a replacement for the F-word.
Oh my, last night I was folding laundry and I found a red thong in my moms dresser drawer, when I looked closely there was a miniature whistle hanging on it, then later that night I heard Fweeping coming from my parents room. I was like, WHAT THE FWEEP!?
by Ravenpop April 19, 2009
I like to make my slut act like a pig when we fweep. I give her a good little pig fweeping.
by Triliams March 28, 2018
full name is the fag sweep, a popular hairstyle seen among scene kids. usually appears as man bangs, and sweeps across the face, in a glorious and majestic manner.
anyone with a fweep is not to be taken seriously, as they cannot style their own hair and simply pull it across their face.
"dude did you see that guys' fweep?! level 4 for sure"
by xpikaaaa!x July 7, 2009
1,1,1,trichloroethane...Chemical solvent found in some aerosol cans until banned by the U.S. government in the mid-90's, who accused the chemical of depleting the ozone layer...A favorite among gas huffers, fweep would be sprayed onto a piece of cloth, then the cloth placed over the mouth, and last, followed by a DEEP breath.
Don't bogart the fweep can, you bitch-ass!
by Uncle Beasley April 3, 2006