"OnBlood Fuzz You Twacking"
"Fuzz You Sound Drunk"
"Watch Out Fuzz You Playing To Much"
by hotheaddave May 20, 2019
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n. Slang term for police, used widley by white teenagers running from the police.

see also popo, 5-0
1.Run its the fuzz!
2.Hide the stash its the fuzz!
3.O Shit! Its the Fuzz
by Jordan Navin April 27, 2005
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The Fuzz pulled me over in '93. Speedometer broke, said I was going 95.
by IDer Übermensch November 26, 2017
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Police Officers. Cops, coppers, po-po, pigs. I don't know but possibly people started saying it because they stuck to you like fuzz. But that's just my theory. yeah.
dude, ditch the goods, the fuzz look like they're coming this way...
by Kobren June 16, 2006
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a) Noun. To get one's Gaschploogenheisen on. Refer also to www.thefuzz.com.au.
b) slang for police, pubic hair, and fun times
c) an internet radio station based in Australia
I'm so Gaschploogenheisen about my fuzz, I just hope the fuzz doesn't find out!
by DJmarto July 23, 2010
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The definition of a police officer who is racial or biracial. They have to be racist in order to be a fuzz.
by ShortNeckGiraffe January 28, 2022
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A furry in denial. Someone who is obsessed with furry culture yet insists that they aren't a furry. The word fuzz comes from that fact that furries typically have fur on their characters, and fuzz is a shorter, more subdued version of fur. Hence, fuzz.
Zach: Just because I think Falco from Star Fox is hot doesn't mean I'm a furry!
Jackson: Sure thing, Fuzz...
by PenguinBoy! November 5, 2020
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