A euphemistic corporate term used in farewell emails, most notably to indicate to the entire company someone's ass got fired.
Please be advised that as of last Friday, Bill is no longer employed by the company. We would like to thank Bill for his contributions to the organization over the past 5 years and wish him well in his "future endeavors".
by ITALUS February 22, 2013
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the term to describes when someone gets fired/released from a company. most notably a term in pro wrestling when a person gets released from the company. the term comes from the typical press release that WWE puts out every time they announce a wrestler getting release from the company, and they post "wish with him/her well in there Future Endeavors
man, that guy just got Future Endeavored today, hope he doesn't go nuts over it.
by boutitbenza_69_9 May 1, 2010
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What you do as a career after you get fired from a job.
WWE would like to wish the entire roster the best in its future endeavors.
by NiGHTS October 10, 2005
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