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A subgenre of trap music. Most of the time it has more melodic elements than regular traps. Some major features are:
1. Stabby chords (Short chords)
2. Chord Progression tends to end in group of 3s.
3. Lots of mini-sounds such as creaking bed, water droplet, hey chant or any chants in general, gunshots, etc.
4. Trap elements and 808 usage such as hihats or snare rolls. A good 808 subbass can be orgasmic
5. While the name is future bass it doesn't have to be based on the bass (no pun intended). It can instead focus on the mid-end of the spectrum.
6. Trap bpm ranging from 100-160 (Note: these are frequent bpm. There may be outliers.)
7. MODULATIONS. Add some volume or filter modulation on the chords and bam the song is future as fuck.
8. A good way to differentiate between trap and future bass is by identifying the melody. Usually trap music doesn't focus on melody while future bass does. Usually.
9. Arpeggiated chords are common among future bass songs. But then again any genre can use arp, just not regular trap.

These are only a handful of features I can think up on the top of my head and im pretty sure there are more. This is only a guideline thus future bass can vary greatly from these features. If you can check a few boxes on this list then I betcha the song is future bass.
Yo dawg you heard that new dank future bass tune Closer by Chainsmoker?
by Hani Wa September 21, 2016
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Future Bass can include music from any genre that emphasis a hard bass line but actually refers to music that can not be categorized into one specific genre.
Yo, have you heard that new Future Bass track by xxxx? It's like a combo of hip-hop/dubstep with an ill opera like solo!
by DGGZ January 16, 2011
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