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FurCons (aka Furry conventions) are social interactions among furry fandom members—people who are interested in anthropomorphic and fictional characters with human characteristics. At the conventions, fans exchange ideas and information, buy merchandise (i.e. paintings/drawings), and participate in entertainment and recreation (i.e. friendly competitions/games).
Hey (name), you going to the FurCon this year?
by RandomFurryLover August 18, 2010
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Convention where furries meet, these furcons do not always include yiffing and other sexual related activities.
No example available for the word furcon -.
by Alexasdsadfgertsg January 14, 2009
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A Furcon is something to be avoided at all costs if you are A) sane or B)not batshit crazy. A furcon is a gathering (usually in a hotel or convention hall) of Furries. A furcon is like a giant meeting of the depraved and sickly individuals of America. The normal activites for a furcon include, but are not solely limited to: Yiffing, finding real animals to anthropomorphise, finding real animals to have sex with, and talking to each other about how everyone else in the world is retarded and insane for being mean to furries. for example, they might say something like this: "i mean, really, my relationship with my housecat is my own business, and i think hissing and scratching is toonces way of telling me he likes it. people shouldn't put furries down for stuff like this! they are mean!"
"yiff yiff yiff at the upcoming furcon! featuring fabulous prizes like a new domesticated animal!"
by Junkyville November 09, 2007
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A type of person usually intrested in older women. They are nerdy and carry a satchel . He wears glasses and becomes becomes fat out of spicy Doritos. He usually comes with a older brother, almost as lame as him. They brag about their riches but don’t have any friends.
“Dude that idiot is wearing a Rolex and has a satchel. I bet his name is Furcon”
by Ali Ulusu June 11, 2018
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