A person who is a maritime ferry fanatic to the point where they make it their mission to hunt ferries, otherwise known as a Funter.
Dylan is such a Funter! He takes he days off to go ride every ferry in the system. Nerd!
by DJNUSAF May 21, 2016
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A very disappointingly slushy or frozen solid layer of snow that sounds like a fun, exciting, and anxiously awaited snow day thanks to the weather report but turns to be very nothing like poofy white snow of the movies.
Reporter: "We're expecting six to ten inches of FUNTER STHNOW
Dude: The weather man forgot to mention this "Funter Snow" mean 'pure ice'!!!
by AlessandroTarzan January 28, 2011
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an ugly female with a lack of breasts and very small nips.
also boy hair (cropped)
geraldine was a right funter. all manly and lezzy like!
by rolab May 28, 2005
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Local version of "Muddy Funster" MoFo
a polite way of saying "mother fucker" or "muddafucka"
The muddy funter cut me up at the lights
by Kevv ww September 6, 2006
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