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A small petite sized girl 5 foot 3 and under that a guy can have more fun with in bed.
Kaylee : Wow I wish I could have a guy like Jake in my life!
Kiersten : Yeah he goes for Fun Size girls too bad your A king size!
Kaylee : Gee I wish I was a Fun Size!
Steve : Hey Kaylee don't feel bad one time I stuck a king size candy bar up my ass I must say it felt much better than the Fun Size.
Kaylee : You dumbass what does that have to do with my size!
Steve : Just sayin it's not always better to be the Fun Size!
Kaylee : Shut The Fuck Up!
by SlopNChop February 04, 2018
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A smaller-than-usual candy bar that usually comes in bags of 20 or so. Usually bought for distribution over Halloween.
I spent the whole day eating fun sized Snickers that my parents bought for Halloween.
by Amelia Q November 14, 2004
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A female individual who can fit into most overhead compartments,backpacks and small places.
Funsize is an absolute master at hide and go seek.

Funsize Facts
Funsize loves getting her messy on and hitting up a
bit of emo love.

Funsize is under 5ft so 4ft whatever.

Look at that lil' bitch she a funsize!
Hey get funsize out of your duffle bag :P
by XOBHCNUL February 12, 2008
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The best way to describe your cock if it's below average and you must divulge the information in an honest way. A favorite with fun sized girls.
So how big is your cack? Fun size baby, once you pop you can't stop.
by Baird024 October 16, 2016
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a human of smaller proportaions than most, but also classed as sex on legs.
person 1 : hello funsize, how are you?

person 2 : hey i'm good thank you
by reject101 July 23, 2011
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