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89% sugar, 11% artificial ingrediants. Other than sex, it is the greatest thing in the world.
after eating some fun dip, jenny orgasmed quite loudly.
by TMZtheBAMF October 28, 2008
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The art of soaking a tampon in vodka (or your liquor of choice), coating it in cocaine, and inserting it up the anus.
"let's turn up" "you wanna FUN DIP?"
by Gary FUNDIP January 05, 2014
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Disgusting American candy popular with hyperactive six year olds. Sugar, citric acid, and food coloring reduced to a powder and served with a candy "stick" to lick the powder off of.
My son Hoboken loves eating Fun Dip while running around nude on the pool deck.
by ignor September 19, 2004
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When a girl licks your fingers after you finger her pussy or asshole.
I was freaked out when Jenny gave me a fundip last night!
by Jeffrey Robinson June 22, 2007
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When a man and a woman buy a lot of fundip and put it in a big cocaine looking pile. The woman gives the man a wet and sticky blowjob. After the blowjob the man sticks his dick in the fundip and the woman licks it all off and then you repeat until all the powder is gone.
Hey Cindy, why are you buying all this candy? Because Eric and I are going to do the Fun Dip.
by Mr.Platypus February 14, 2012
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A sex move which combines the Alabama Hot Pocket with a blowjob. The guy takes a shit in the girl's pussy, then dips his penis into it, getting shit all over his dick. The girl then licks the shit off of his dick, like the popular sugar candy "fun-dip". (Optional)- The guy can be wearing a minty/fruity condom so that it tastes like the stick used in the candy.
Person 1: Yo, why are you limping?
Person 2: I was pulling a fun dip on Janice last night, and she decided to bit the stick in half!
by Tony Kornheiser February 26, 2007
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when a girl sucks a guys dick then dips it in coke and she sucks it off then does a line off the shaft.
or in the girls case her nipples.
"Carly fun dipped michael last night, she was so fucked up!"
by mackenbee January 28, 2009
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