It means 24 inch wheels or rims. Becuase of 24/7, being 24 as a full hour'd day, and 24 inches as such.
"Full days rollin, block patrollin and glock holdin........"
by Mr. Pimptastic Classic October 07, 2005
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- october 25th

- everything will be super gay today and it’s a perfect chance for everyone to get a gay pass

- you could also confess your feelings and if you’re rejected use full homo day as an excuse
full homo day:

bro, since it’s full homo day i wanna let you know that i love you
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Full send everything that you do all day!!
From: 12:00AM-12:00AM

On: December 5

Every Year
If someone tells you to do something for fun, then you have to full send it and do it.



National Full Send Day: Means to be committed to what you do all day long.
by YNG_Weezy December 03, 2019
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National full send day is were there are no half sends just full sends this day takes place on may 1
National Full send day isn’t just 4 words it’s an attitude
by King drew April 30, 2020
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