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Somewhere in between 'shenanigans' and a curse word of your own choice. Can be applied to just about any sentence and/or situation. Prefably said in a Nixonesque way.

Can also be used as an adjective.
"We're out of butter!"
"Fudge waffles!"

"Fudge waffles! I sat on the fudge waffling egg carton!"

"My cheeks wobble alot when I say fudge waffles. I also tend to spit extensively. Fudge waffles. Fudge waffles. See? You're wet."
by Marvin the Amputee June 10, 2015
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when a male stick both of his balls and his wiener in someones ass hole
i put my shit in my girlfriend ass and it had poop on it and thats a fudge waffle
by flabcheeks March 17, 2010
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