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Although "fud" is widely accepted in Scotland as being a slang term for the female reproductive organs, it is generally used as a pejorative to describe someone who has just done something stupid, often in situations where they've either been impulsive or it was blindingly obvious beforehand that it was a stupid thing to do. It can also be used to describe someone who irritates everyone because they try to impress everyone all the time & invariably talk a load of pish.
"Haw ya big fud!" (angry)

Person A "Ah canny be fucked wi him!"
Person B "How?"
Person A "Coz he's a pure fud!"
by Mr Bawbag July 10, 2012
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Scottish slang term meaning pussy, vagina, muff, cunt
"Your a fud"
"I rolled over in bed and accidently kneed her in the fud. She woke with a scream and punched me in the balls"
by big gee from glasgow April 29, 2005
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Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Also known as scare tactics, either accomplished by threat or making the opponent doubt his standpoint. Not only used in lawsuits, but also in politics and military propaganda.
The company's FUD spreading caused many supporters to abandon their cause, except for the few that could see through its scaremongering propaganda.
by Fluid July 14, 2003
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Female genitalia, normally used as an insult, meaning a person of lower than average intelligence.
Look where you're f**king goin', ya fud!
by Lachlan September 29, 2003
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FUD is a derogatory acronym used to describe a Fat Ugly Docile.

The term first appeared in the mid-late 2000s and developed a series of related FUD-ism's such as fudstick, fudly and fudhead.

As the term developed over time, the level of sarcasm related to calling someone a FUD has gone full-circle, so that calling someone a FUD makes you yourself a FUD. The only way to prevent yourself from falling into the vortex of being full-FUD is to declare yourself post-FUD.
"Oh my god... you are such a fud!"
by sm@tt October 17, 2019
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