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Unfortunately, fuknormous is a natural outcry of a female when she accidentally gets a glimpse of herself in a mirror and realizes she really, really looks fat. Never a good thing, but most likely true. It's a way to self describe that you look enormous. Awful.
V to best gf: oh my god, are you kidding me? I look fucknormous in that window!
Gf: ya kinda sucks, but didn't you say you ate like a pig on your trip to Puerto Vallarta?
by Fun&Nice August 08, 2016
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An adjective that translates as "fucking enormous". Can be used as a positive or negative.
Positive:"Why is it that almost every basketball player is fucknormous?"

Negative:"You are a fucknormous asswipe, you know that?"
by ThatMidget May 20, 2014
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